1 killed in semi-truck crash in Tennessee

Any collision between two vehicles will probably result in some damage to at least one of the vehicles, and possibly to both. There is also a risk of injury or death to both drivers and to passengers. That risk is compounded if the car accident involves vehicles of significantly different size. This is what happened in Pinson, Tennessee, on a stretch of Hwy 45 south.

According to Tennessee Highway Patrol officers, a car was traveling north along Hwy 45. At the same time, a semi was turning into the lot of A & A Express, which is located in Pinson at 3495 US Highway. The car hit the back of the semi.

The car was damaged in the crash. Worse, the driver was seriously injured and died as a direct result of injuries suffered in the crash. The Tennessee Highway Patrol was able to identify the victim.

They said that according to the information they uncovered, he was 39 years old. He did not have any passengers in his car at the time of the crash, which is fortunate since they could have been killed as well. Of course, as a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer affirmed, it is always a tragedy when anyone loses their life.

The man’s car registration was checked and showed that the car had been registered in Lee County, Mississippi. The driver and passengers in the semi-truck were uninjured. Of course, it was still a very tragic experience for them.

No statement has been released regarding official assessment of fault in the case. Details of the case may be investigated to determine the culpability of all parties. Those involved in a Tennessee car accident should explore their legal rights to seek compensation for their losses and damages.

Source: WBBTV.com, “Car vs. Semi on Highway 45 Kills One” No author given, May. 19, 2014