Truck Accidents

2 dead after multi-vehicle truck accident on Interstate 40

Two people were killed in Knoxville, Tennessee, on June 2 in a car accident on Interstate 40 that involved six vehicles, one of which was a semi-truck. Official reports show that the truck accident occurred when the driver of the larger vehicle rear-ended a smaller car, killing the 44-year-old driver of the vehicle and that man’s 64-year-old female passenger. The victims’ vehicle was sandwiched between the tractor-trailer rig and an SUV in front.

The occupants in the SUV reportedly did not suffer any injury. The driver of the vehicle, a mother, said she was traveling with her three young children, all of whom are under the age of seven. Incredibly, four vehicle occupants walked away from the collision without a scratch.

Authorities say they believe the first accident caused the second wreck, in which a semi-truck rear-ended a Dodge sports car, smashing the smaller vehicle against the interstate sidewall. The smaller vehicle then sideswiped another tractor-trailer rig. One person from the collision was transported to local medical facilities.

Investigators say that the stretch of road on which the accident occurred is one of the busiest in the city because it serves as a meeting point for four major highways. The accident, which occurred on I-40 east, required several hours to clear, and traffic was backed up for a significant amount of time.

This accident is relevant because of the number of semi-trucks that were involved. Drivers of larger vehicles have a responsibility to keep others safe on the road. Those negligent drivers who cause truck accidents should be held responsible in civil court for their failure to follow road etiquette and law.

Source: WBIR, “Fatal 6-vehicle crash snarls I-40 traffic for hours” No author given, May. 30, 2014