2 tips for preventing big rig accidents

The fact that big trucks are extremely dangerous is obvious. These vehicles weigh more than regular automobiles, they maneuver slower and they take a long time to stop. With smaller vehicles frenetically darting about them, giant tractor trailers are bound to get in crashes and because they are so heavy, the effects of those crashes can result in catastrophic injuries and death. As such, truck drivers need to be reminded of important safety practices again and again. This article will cover a few of the most important tips that truck drivers and vehicle drivers can use to stay safe.

First, truck drivers need to watch their blind spots and be particularly careful with their “no zones.” These “no zones” should also be watched by other vehicle drivers because they should never linger in a trucker’s “no zones” for any length of time. These areas include the side of the truck, in front of the cab, behind the side mirrors, and immediately to the back of the truck. Truckers can’t see in these areas and might not be aware of vehicles that are traveling in them, so it is best to avoid them at all cost.

Second, truckers should always slow down in work zones. Nearly a third of fatal crashes in work zones involve large trucks — probably because they have such a difficult time maneuvering if a sudden obstacle presents itself. Work zones can come with sudden surprises that need to be avoided to prevent an accident, and if a trucker slows down, he or she will have a better chance at avoiding them.

When a Tennessee big rig driver fails to drive safely, breaks the law and/or drives recklessly and negligently, people who are injured by this unsafe behavior could have strong claims for financial restitution. Similarly, family members of individuals killed by such irresponsible behavior could also pursue wrongful death claims related to a fatal truck crash.

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