$2.2 million awarded in truck accident case

Authorities do everything they can to keep Tennessee roads safe, but sometimes incidents happen anyway. One of particular note was a truck accident that resulted in a driver’s death and a fiery explosion. The case spent years winding through the legal system, with a decision being rendered just recently.

The decision is that the wife of the driver who died in the crash is entitled to the sum of $2.2 million as an award in her lawsuit over the death of her late husband, His death occurred in 2009, on I-78 while driving through Union Township. The tractor-trailer that he was driving collided with the rear of a tractor-trailer driven by the other driver, causing both vehicles to catch fire

The collision occurred in the darkness of early morning, at 3:10 a.m. The other driver missed an intended turn, meaning to go onto I-81 but instead backing up on I-78. He was accused in court documents of not checking for traffic when doing so, and not using flashers to warn other vehicles. His speed, 17 mph, was enough to preclude the other tractor-trailer from seeing what was happening and getting out of the way in time, resulting in the collision.

The other driver and his passenger both escaped the wreck unharmed. The ruling in this case, which included the $2.2 million damage award, follows one from last fall, which noted that the other driver had been unfamiliar with his route and had previously failed multiple driving tests.

Truck accidents are inherently dangerous and can often be avoided by following safe driving practices. However, when accidents do occur, the at-fault driver could be held accountable in civil court. A personal injury attorney can provide valuable advice and insight on how best to proceed with such a case against the responsible party or entities.

Source: Lebanon Daily News, “Judge awards $2.2 million in fatal crash in Lebanon County in 2009” John Latimer, Jan. 07, 2014