34 passengers hurt after driver loses control of bus

Accidents involving buses may not be as common as accidents involving passenger vehicles, but they can be devastating when they do occur. Considering how large buses are and how many people they can carry, the damage done in a bus crash is often catastrophic.

A recent bus accident had the potential to be the latest example of this but thankfully, most of the 30 people involved suffered only minor injuries. However, the crash itself still serves as a serious reminder of what can happen when a bus is involved in a collision.

According to reports, more than 30 college students were on the bus returning to their schools after the holiday break. The bus driver was allegedly speeding when he took an exit ramp off the highway. Due to the high speed, the driver could not maintain control of the bus as it entered a curve in the ramp and the truck flipped over.

The accident resulted in injuries to 34 bus passengers, most of which were considered to be minor. One person, however, suffered serious injuries according to the police.

Several questions will need to be answered in the wake of this crash and others like it in Tennessee. How extensive are the physical and emotional damages suffered by the victims? What type of impact will their injuries have on their regular life? Who is to blame for the accident and resulting damages? Is it the bus driver charged with reckless driving, the service that chartered the bus or the owner/operator of the bus?

In order to get these and other questions answered, it can be crucial for victims of similar bus accidents and their families to speak with an attorney. Taking legal action can help people get answers, hold the appropriate party accountable and pursue the compensation they may greatly need and deserve.

Source: CNN, “More than 30 college students injured in bus accident,” Sarah Jorgensen, Nov. 30, 2015