Car Accidents

6 injured in car accident

Six individuals were injured in a recent motor vehicle accident incident. All six were Tennessee residents. The crash occurred on Wednesday afternoon on Elm Hill Pike. The weather was fairly clear, and the road was acceptably dry. Elm Hill Pike, which runs through Nashville, is known to have heavy traffic at some points throughout each day.

This collision, however, didn’t happen in the middle of a busy lane. Instead, it happened right next to a quiet parking lot, an unlikely place for a major accident. According to local authorities, the driver got into his or her car, pulled out of the parking space, and into the adjacent road. The driver may have done so too fast or without properly checking behind them, because they pulled out in front of another car that was already traveling on Elm Hill Pike.

This resulted in a collision between the first two cars, and was the cause of damage to both. Some of the injuries incurred may have happened at that point as well. With the cars both stopped by the force of the crash, the situation got worse. A pickup truck, also driving on Elm Hill Pike, hit one of the two cars with an impact that was felt by the occupants of all three vehicles.

With all three vehicles crashed together, a total of six individuals wound up hurt. Drivers and passengers alike were injured. One of the passengers was a two-year-old child who had been a passenger in one of the vehicles.

Fortunately, the child was quickly transported to the local Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and comprehensively checked by the trained medical personnel there. The other individuals in the crash were also taken to hospitals where they could get any medical attention they needed. The extent of their injuries is unknown at this time.

Charges are currently pending against the driver of the car that started the crash in this motor vehicle accident case. With such cases occurring throughout Tennessee each week, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities. An experienced attorney can bring to light facts in the case that affect liability and court decisions.

Source: News Channel 5, “6 Injured IN Crash On Elm Hill Pike” No author given, Nov. 06, 2013