After a hit-and-run crash, victims can take legal action

It can be very upsetting to get in an accident, particularly if you are hurt. You can be sitting in your car or being loaded into an ambulance, scared about the extent of your injuries and wondering whether you’ll recover.

In those moments following a crash, unfortunately, the other driver may be far less worried about your injuries and much more concerned about trying to avoid taking any responsibility for the accident. 

There are far too many hit-and-run accidents across Tennessee where one of the drivers involved in the crash flees the scene before police or emergency medical assistance is called. They may do this for a number of reasons.

In some cases, a driver is drunk or distracted and panics when they end up hitting someone else. There are also hit-and-run drivers who shouldn’t even be driving because they are unlicensed or have had their license suspended. In other situations, a driver may have a warrant out for his or her arrest or have reason to be fearful of speaking with police. In any of these instances, the driver may flee an accident scene because they put more importance on not getting in trouble than they do on helping the victims.

Law enforcement agencies put considerable effort into tracking down hit-and-run drivers. They scour surveillance recordings, examine debris on the scene, talk to witnesses and reconstruct the accident to try and identify either the driver or the vehicle involved.

If that driver is caught, he or she can and often will face criminal penalties for their terrible actions. However, victims of these accidents and their families can also take steps to punish the driver who left behind injured parties.

Filing a civil lawsuit against a hit-and-run driver can help hold that reckless person legally accountable for their decisions and secure compensation that reflects the extent of damages suffered as a result of the crash and the person’s choice to leaving the scene. It can be a complicated process, particularly if the driver has yet to be identified, so it is often wise to have the guidance and support of an attorney.