Truck Accidents

After truck crashes, beware of spilled cargo

Truck accidents can be among the most catastrophic collisions on Tennessee roads. The size of a commercial truck makes it a powerhouse when a trucker loses control of it and it can easily barrel through medians, fences, cars and just about anything that stands in its way. This can be especially true when a truck is traveling at high speeds.

However, truck collisions are not the only threat to motorists who share the road with commercial vehicles. In some cases, people can crash or get injured when a truck’s cargo spills onto or near roadways.

For example, if a trucker is hauling flammable, toxic chemicals, a spill could prove to be catastrophic to anyone in the area. This includes people who use water that could get contaminated or anyone in the vicinity should a fire break out. 

Cargo spills can also lead to scattered debris all around the accident site. People behind a disabled truck or those in oncoming traffic lanes may not be prepared to see debris on the road. Last-minute swerving or driving over large items can lead to secondary accidents.

Finally, spilled cargo can also generate a lot of interest from bystanders. For instance, recently a truck crashed and spilled hundreds of pieces of lumber. People evidently flocked to the accident site to try and collect the spilled lumber. Police had to stay on the scene to keep people away, as the cargo is considered evidence from the crash, which was tragically fatal.

Spilled cargo can present a dangerous situation for everyone else on the road. If you or a loved one is injured in an accident stemming from the cargo hazards we described in this post, it is possible that you could receive compensation for damages. In order to get a better understanding of your options and rights, you can discuss your situation with a personal injury attorney familiar with trucking collisions.

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