Can recreational vehicle tire malfunctions cause an accident?

Anyone who drives on the public roadways has a duty to ensure the vehicle he or she is driving is safe. Part of ensuring a vehicle is safe is checking the tires. Most people aren’t going to check their tires before every trip, but some vehicles just aren’t safe unless the tires are checked. Think about a recreational vehicle. Those vehicles are very large and can wreck havoc on smaller cars if they aren’t driven properly.

How often should RV tires be checked?

In most cases, the tires of an RV should be checked at least once per year. Generally, the tires on towables is much shorter than those on RVs that move under their own power. For that reason, it is a good idea to check the tires on the towable styles more often.

Isn’t it enough to just look at the tires?

A tire inspection is more than just a visual inspection. Instead, you have to feel the tire to determine if there are knots, bumps or bulges. In some cases, you can check the tread depth visually, but even if that is still good, there might still be separated belts or other problems with the tires.

Doing a thorough examination of the tires on any vehicle is important. Serious accidents can occur if there is a blowout that makes the driver lose control. If you are injured in an accident in Tennessee caused by the driver of an RV, you have the right to seek compensation. Once you decide on seeking compensation, it is necessary to determine if the driver or someone else is liable for the accident.

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