Car Accidents

Car accident claims might involve multiple parties

When you are in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you might decide that you need to take action to hold the party responsible for the accident accountable for the injuries you suffered. This is often done through a personal injury lawsuit. When it comes time to file the lawsuit, you will have to name defendants in the case. The defendants are the parties who you claim need to pay you compensation for your injuries.

We know that your mind might automatically think about the other driver as the party most liable for the car accident. While that is true in many cases, it isn’t necessarily the case in all car accidents. There have been some car accidents that were caused by defects in the motor vehicle. In those cases, it might be possible to name the manufacturer of the defective component or the vehicle manufacturer accountable for the injuries you suffered.

Defective motor vehicle claims can be based on a host of defects. The key component in these cases is that the defect is what caused the accident to happen. When that is the case, we will need to show that the accident caused your injuries and that those injuries are what led to the financial damages you incurred. All of these need to be included in your claim for compensation.

When you are healing from the injuries you suffered, trying to put your case together might be more of a challenge than you feel up to handling. We can help you to put everything together so that you can file your claim and be one step closer to the compensation you deserve.