Car accident hurts 4 people in Nashville, Tennessee

People are typically most affected by crime stories in which someone gets hurt. This often happens in car accidents, with drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians getting injured. A recent Tennessee car accident is an example of this.

In the case, an SUV traveling through downtown Nashville, Tennessee, struck four different people. This occurred early on a Tuesday morning, around 3 a.m. The location was Broadway, close to 4th Avenue North.

The victims, ages 26, 35, 49, and 50, were found lying in the street by police. Two were men and two were women, with one of the latter having been rendered unconscious. Of the four, three are from Florida while the fourth is from Nashville.

According to police, the four pedestrians had been walking together. However, they walked into traffic, first in front of a parked cab and then in front of the SUV. Reports indicate that their gate was unsteady, fueling speculation that they had been drinking.

The driver of the SUV apparently did not see the pedestrians in time to avoid hitting them, according to a police spokesperson. Surveillance video in the case is being reviewed, and indicates that passerby and employees of local businesses rushed to help the victims as soon as the accident took place.

The four victims had non-life threatening injuries and were taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. There, they were treated, with one undergoing surgery Tuesday afternoon. Two others were listed as being in stable condition, and the fourth was released.

In this case, charges are not expected to be filed against the driver of the SUV. In many car accidents, however, the driver may face accusations of fault. In those cases, drivers, passengers, and any pedestrians involved will want to seek experienced legal help as expediently as possible.

Source:, “4 people struck by car in downtown Nashville” Nadia Ramdass, Mar. 11, 2014