Car accidents involving deer common this time of year

Many people in the United States would be surprised to learn that deer are the leading cause of death by an animal in the U.S. The main reason why deer cause so many fatalities is due to deer-car collisions. 

Autumn sees the most car accidents involving deer in Tennessee and throughout the country. Deer-car collisions can be very dangerous and can result in serious injuries, fatalities and extensive property damage. Deer-car collisions are most likely to occur between September and December so drivers should be on the lookout for deer right now.

To make the risk of hitting a deer even worse, Tennessee has seen an increase in the deer population during the last couple of years. Another reason the risk is higher is because more residential developments are being built in rural areas with higher populations of deer. This means that more motorists are driving in areas where more deer are, increasing the risk of hitting a deer.

It can be difficult to prevent hitting a deer while driving but there are some safety precautions drivers can take to reduce the risk of getting in a car accident. Below is a list of safety tips to be aware of when driving this fall: 

  • Stay alert, slow down and use your bright lights at night when possible. 
  • Be prepared to stop when you see a deer as they often travel in packs. 
  • Don’t swerve to avoid hitting a deer as this will only increase the chance of hitting another vehicle or object. 
  • Early mornings and late afternoons are the most common times for deer to be traveling. 

Hitting a deer can be very scary. However, motorists can reduce the risk of hitting a deer by following the safety tips listed above, and by being cautious and alert on the road at all times. 

Source: Lebanon Democrat, “Deer become dangerous this time of year,” Larry Woody, Oct. 9, 2013