Car hits motorcycle and kills teen

Tennessee roads can get very busy throughout each day, with a wide array of vehicles using them. The vehicles include trucks, cars and motorcycles. Any collision between two vehicles can be deadly, but fatal consequences are even more likely when vehicles of disparate weight collide, such as when a car smashes at high speed into a motorcycle. That happened recently, and the driver of the motorcycle died as a result of being hit.

The motorcycle driver was only a teenager. That fact has drawn particular attention to the case, as it is always sad for the life of a young person to be ended so early when they would have had so many hopes and dreams to pursue if they had lived. Friends and family of the young man, 17, are grieving his loss.

The accident happened at approximately 6 a.m. in the Petros-Joyner area in Morgan County. The car that hit the motorcycle was driving down one lane of Highway 62 when they were blinded by the bright lights of another car in the other lane. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol incident report, the driver of the car that hit the motorcycle couldn’t see it.

The car driver was not hurt. The motorcycle driver who died did not have headlights or taillights, a situation that undoubtedly compounded the visibility issues in the case. The motorcycle driver also was not wearing a helmet.

In cases like this, the family of someone killed in a car accident may want to look into their legal options. An attorney who has substantial experience in comparable cases can help them do so.

Source:, “THP: Car hits, kills teen on off-road motorcycle” Jan. 26, 2015