Church bus kills woman in crash

When people think of church buses, they tend to think of peaceful, slow-moving vehicles delivering people to fun activities and charitable events. Rarely are such vehicles viewed as sources of danger. Yet, any kind of vehicle can be in a collision of some kind, including a bus accident. One happened recently in Knoxville, Tennessee, with devastating effects.

The bus was rambling along on a Knoxville Road when a notable mechanical malfunction occurred. This happened near the intersection of Oglewood Avenue and North Broadway at approximately 5:30 p.m. on a Thursday evening. It resulted in North Broadway being shut down by crews for several hours, as the scene was assessed and repercussions of the collision were addressed.

The mechanical problem the bus had made it unable to stop at the intersection when there was a red light. Consequentially, it hit both a Chevy pickup truck and a Kia before finally stopping in the CVS parking lot. A Silverado pickup truck also incurred minor damage in the incident.

The Kia driver died at the accident scene. The woman, based in Knoxville, had not been wearing a seat belt. According to police, her seat belt had been latched and she was sitting on top of it, unrestrained in any way. Latching it had been a way to keep the car’s built-in seat belt alarm from sounding.

The passenger in the Chevy pickup was seriously injured but is in stable condition. Five passengers in the bus also went to the hospital. The bus driver, though uninjured, had to get a mandatory blood test.

In this Knoxville, Tennessee, bus accident, the cause seems clear. Other Tennessee bus accidents may take more investigation to determine causes and liability. Those will be important things for anyone in a bus accident to determine with the experienced legal assistance.

Source:, “KPD id’s woman killed in crash with church bus” Jul. 18, 2014