Common causes of accidents involving RVs

There are many people in Tennessee who have plans to head out on road trips this spring and summer. Whether they are traveling across the state or across the country, people often take these trips in an RV so that they can take their lodging with them.

However, RVs can be much more difficult to operate than a regular car or truck and it is entirely possible that if you are on the road this summer, you could get into an accident involving an RV. Whether you are driving an RV or are sharing the road with one, it can be important to know common causes of RV accidents and what you can do if you are involved in one.

Many accidents happen because of the size of an RV. Whether it is a motor home or is being towed behind another vehicle, an RV responds differently than smaller, lighter cars. They can take longer to speed up and come to a stop. There can also be visibility issues because of large blind spots. Due to their height, RVs can be more affected by high winds and they may strike overhead objects that don’t affect other vehicles.

Operator errors can also lead to a serious accident. Small mistakes or adjustments made by an RV driver can be much more dramatic in regards to how the vehicle responds. If a driver is distracted, impaired or reckless, it can be quite easy for him or her to lose control of the RV and crash.

Further, there is a potential for fires, rollovers, equipment failure, falling objects and other hazards that can lead to a devastating accident.

Whether you are the driver of an RV or another car, you can suffer serious injuries when large vehicles are involved in an accident and may be entitled to compensation. Legal representation can be key in these upsetting situations. The attorneys at our firm are familiar with the intricacies of personal injury claims involving RVs and we can help you understand your options and rights to seek damages.

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