Court reinstates million dollar verdict to family after car crash

Car accidents in Tennessee can result in very serious injuries. When this happens, victims of car accidents can file personal injury lawsuits against the driver responsible for the accident as well as their car insurance company and vehicle manufacturer in some cases.

Civil lawsuits can be difficult to pursue but it can help victims receive compensation to pay for their injuries and medical bills. A recent case is an example of the legal action victims can take after being injured in a serious car accident.

A family filed a lawsuit against Ford Motor Co. after their son was severely injured in a head-on collision with a drunk driver. A Tennessee boy was paralyzed after a car accident, and the family’s lawsuit against Ford claims that his injuries were partially caused by issues with the seat belt.

A jury in Tennessee ruled that Ford Motor Co. was at fault for the boy’s injuries and ordered the company to pay $6.57 million to the victim’s family. The court ordered that the family would receive a total of $43.8 million from all parties responsible for the accident.

The state Appeals Court reviewed the case and ruled that damages awarded to the family was excessive. The Appeals Court reduced Ford’s portion of damages to $1.93 million. However, the family appealed the ruling to Tennessee’s Supreme Court, which recently ruled that the original $43.8 million verdict was reasonable.

This case is an example of the legal action victims of car accidents can take. While there may be challenges and appeals during the process, filing a lawsuit after a car accident can help victims recover damages and help families get back to normal after an accident.

Source: Knox News, “High court reinstates verdict after boy paralyzed,” Sept. 5, 2013