Do you know what to do immediately after a car accident?

You are at risk for getting into an accident in Tennessee every time you get behind the wheel. Safe driving behaviors can decrease the risk of a crash, but accidents still happen.

Do you know what to do if you are in an accident? You likely have some ideas about what to do, but it can be very helpful to re-educate yourself about what to do after a crash. 

Understanding what to do after being in an accident and your right to file a claim can be invaluable information to have before an accident happens.

Car accidents happen in an instant. You cannot prepare for a crash, but you can be prepared for what steps to take after the accident to better protect your future, especially in the event you file a claim. 

Below is a list of things to do and consider after an accident: 

  • Make sure everyone involved is okay and receive medical treatment as necessary.
  • Call the police to report the accident and exchange contact and insurance information will drivers involved in the crash. 
  • You also need to report the accident to your insurance company.
  • Document the scene of the accident by taking pictures, obtaining contact information from witnesses and taking notes. 
  • Talk to the police and insurance company about the accident, but do not admit fault. 
  • Consider working with an attorney to see if you should file a claim. 

No one wants to think about car accidents, but knowing what steps to take immediately after an accident can make all the difference in your insurance claim and any legal action you pursue against other parties.