Motorcycle Accidents

Driver claims brain injury altered memory of motorcycle accident

A 37-year-old Tennessee woman who is accused of causing a fatal accident in March 2013 says that she has no recollection of any of the events leading up to the crash. The woman is accused of driving distracted and causing a fatal motorcycle accident in Lawrenceburg more than a year ago. A couple riding on the motorcycle was killed after they were knocked into oncoming traffic by the alleged distracted driver.

Official reports show that the woman is accused of negligent homicide and reckless endangerment in connection with the accident. Authorities say that the at-fault driver reportedly ran into the victims’ motorcycle, sending them flying into another car, before the woman collided with that same car. The woman says that she remembers little of the accident, with memories only beginning after the collision. She described seeing her windshield streaked with blood.

The defendant in this case argues that head injuries and leg wounds she suffered during the accident caused her to lose recollection of the events surrounding the crash. The woman is accused of sending a Facebook message while driving, which would fall under the text messaging ban that has been in effect in Tennessee since 2009.

Even though the law has tried to ban distracted driving, it appears that distracted driving rates have risen during three out of the four years since the law was passed — the most recent statistics date to 2013. Distracted driving caused more than 25,000 accidents in 2013 alone. Victims of motorcycle accidents who have been injured by a distracted driver’s negligence may be entitled to financial compensation for their experience. Defendants like this woman may face criminal proceedings, but they could also be vulnerable to financial penalties in a Tennessee civil court.

Source: The Daily Herald, “Defendant: Can’t recall crash” Kara Coleman, Aug. 25, 2014