Driving the wrong way leads to car accident

Every day, major roads have high volumes of cars going multiple directions at high speeds. Because of that, the slightest mistake by any driver can be calamitous for others on those roads. Major mistakes, like driving the wrong direction at high speed, can be even more dangerous. That is allegedly what happened last summer in a car accident that has now resulted in vehicular homicide charges being filed.

The accident, according to police, happened on the ramps that leads from Interstate 40 to Interstate 240 southbound. The driver charged with vehicular homicide, 35, drove northbound while on the southbound ramp. Because of this, his car hit a southbound vehicle with a 37-year-old driver. The 37-year-old, a Bartlett resident, died as a result of injuries and the subsequent fire that engulfed his car. All of this happened early in the morning on the day of the crash.

Both vehicles sustained substantial front-end damage. The driver who had been going the wrong way was rendered unconscious and was taken to a hospital. After an investigation, the charges were filed against him. He was taken into custody and booked, and was informed of the counts against him. With no court date having been announced yet, he is now free on a $40,000 bond.

Car accidents affect everyone, with friends and families having to cope with profoundly tragic losses. Secondarily, they also affect the vehicles and property in those vehicles. Anyone facing charges in a car accident should secure the services of an attorney and start building a defense. With the right attorney, a defense can be built that includes all relevant information.

Source: The Republic, “Tenn man charged with vehicular homicide in crash on I-40 ramp in Memphis” No author given, Dec. 30, 2013