Dump truck accident kills RIM major

When disabled individuals cross streets, drivers of nearby vehicles must be even more aware than usual and conduct themselves with extra care. This is is because disabled individuals often have mobility issues that would prevent them from moving swiftly if a vehicle came to close, and may not be able to react with sufficient quickness to protect themselves. This happened recently in a Tennessee truck accident that occurred Friday morning.

In the accident, a student, 28, was hit by a dump truck and died. The student, who is disabled, was crossing the street while in a wheelchair. He was hit by the dump truck at the intersection of Greenland Drive and Middle Tennessee Boulevard. After being struck and knocked several feet from his wheelchair, he was reportedly still conscious and moving. However, the dump truck rolled over him, and the injuries he sustained were too much to live through.

A witness, who also attends MTSU, saw the entire accident unfold. According to reports, she heard a scream while on her way to work. She saw the dump truck roll over the student, but wasn’t able to intercede. A police officer who was nearby rushed over, but it was too late.

The student who died was spoken of positively by others at his school. They spoke of how happy he had been to buy audio equipment to use as a recording industry major. His adviser said that she viewed him as an example of perseverance.

This truck accident is being investigated by the Murfreesboro Police Department. While awaiting further statements about the case, the family of the victim and those responsible for the tow truck should secure attorneys with experience in this field of law. That way, they can explore all of the legal options open to them.

Source: DNJ.com, “RIM major killed in dump truck accident on Greenland” No author given, Jan. 25, 2014