Even bus drivers need to focus on going back to school

Parents all across Tennessee are getting their kids ready to get back to school, from getting school supplies to preparing for new daily routines. Whether you kids are heading off to preschool or high school, there can be a lot of new things parents and children need to adjust to and learn for the year ahead.

School bus drivers should also be doing things to get ready for the new school year. Within in the next few weeks, buses will be full of rowdy kids and schools will be buzzing with activity so it will be crucial that bus drivers are prepared. Those who fail to do this could get into some serious trouble and potentially cause a catastrophic accident.

According to the Pupil Transportation Section of Tennessee commercial vehicle laws, anyone who is driving a school bus must have proper training and certification. These credentials are not limited to those that allow a person to get a commercial driver’s license; there are ongoing training opportunities that CDL holders must attend monthly if they wish to keep their license and their role as a school bus operator.

Tennessee laws also require that school buses are thoroughly and regularly inspected for safety compliance. These inspections are conducted throughout the year and are intended to identify any potential maintenance or performance issues that could jeopardize the safety of the bus. If any such hazards arise, a bus can and should be put out of service.

These can be important pieces of information for parents and passengers to understand as we head into the school year. Not only can it can be very reassuring for parents to know that there are measures in place to protect young students, but this may also serve as an important reminder to bus operators and owners that they have a responsibility to stay updated on training, certification and maintenance to minimize the risks of getting in an accident.

In the event that a crash involving a school bus does occur, these factors will be crucial to investigate in order to determine what caused an accident and who should be held accountable.