Fatal bus accident in Tennessee kills eight people

A recent bus accident in Tennessee has led to new concerns over commercial buses and bus drivers in the United States. A bus accident in Tennessee resulted in eight fatalities and 14 injuries after a bus crashed into two other vehicles on the highway. 

The bus accident happened after the bus reportedly crossed the median of the highway and collided with an SUV and tractor-trailer. Several passengers from the bus were killed, along with one person from the SUV and another person in the tractor-trailer. 

The cause of the accident is still somewhat unknown. Some reports said the bus blew a tire but the Tennessee Highway Patrol is still investigating the accident. The investigators will be looking to see what factors may have contributed to the accident, including factors like speeding, bus maintenance and the driver’s history and training. The THP said that the investigation will take up to a year to be completed. 

This bus accident is an example of the dangers bus passengers can face. Commercial bus drivers are supposed to be properly trained and certified to operate passenger buses. Despite the requirements and safety regulations bus drivers must adhere to, there are still many unsafe bus drivers and bus companies in the U.S.

While this case is still being investigated, if the fatal accident was caused by a bus that required maintenance or an unsafe bus driver, the victims of the crash could pursue legal action. Bus companies can be held liable for accidents caused by their negligence, including improper maintenance and negligent bus drivers. 

Source: Digtriad, “2 People Still Critically Injured After Bus Crash,” Megan Mollerus, Oct. 8, 2013