FedEx truck driver cited for fatigued driving after crash

Recently, tragedy was narrowly averted on a Nashville highway after a FedEx 18-wheeler crashed into another vehicle on I-24 westbound on the city’s southeast side, setting off a chain reaction of collisions involving no fewer than seven other vehicles.

The accident occurred during the morning commute on May 5 at approximately 6:30 a.m. by mile marker 61 close to Old Hickory Boulevard. Both the Tennessee Highway Patrol and Metro police conducted an investigation. Their joint findings resulted in a citation being issued to the driver of the FedEx truck for driving while fatigued.

While officials stated that the citation did not indicate the trucker had been driving for longer than the 11 hours permitted under federal regulations, the president of the local Teamsters accused trucking companies of pushing their drivers to violate limits.

“It’s very widespread in our industry,” the Teamster president said. “I get calls from drivers . . . looking for a union job, or wanting to unionize their company just because they’re being pressured to break the law.”

One driver involved in the wreck described seeing the FedEx truck weaving between the lanes on the interstate prior to the accident. He stated that he passed the semi, which then rear-ended his van, sending him careening into the car ahead of him in the lane.

That car slid under an 18-wheeler, while still another burst into flames. According to one news outlet covering the scene, the driver of the vehicle dragged behind the semi was a sergeant in the military. His quick thinking allowed him to rescue the man in the burning car. That driver reportedly had leg and head injuries not considered to be life-threatening. He, and others injured in the multi-vehicle pile-up were taken to hospitals in the vicinity and treated for their injuries.

The Ground Media Relations spokesperson issued the following statement to the media:

“We are aware of the accident . . . and are cooperating fully with authorities . . . we can confirm that anyone providing service on behalf of FedEx is expected to obey all traffic laws in safely operating their vehicles.”

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Source: WKRN, “FedEx driver issued fatigue citation after 8-vehicle crash on I-24,” Stephanie Langston, May 05, 2016