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Fiery wreck involving semi-trucks kills 4 in Tennessee

A fiery crash in Tennessee has led to four deaths. Police say that two semi-trucks were involved in the crash, along with a number of smaller vehicles. They are still investigating the crash, as they were not sure upon arriving at the scene how things had played out.

Two people who were married were in one of the semi-trucks, and police said that they both died in the crash. The two other people who died, whose identities have not been given out at this time, appear to have been in a passenger car.

The crash took place in the afternoon on a Wednesday, out on Interstate 40. It was in Haywood County at mile maker 64.

A resident of the area saw the crash when police were able to get traffic moving again, and she talked to reporters about what she witnessed, saying that it was horrible. She said that both trucks had burned to the point that she almost could not tell what they were, with only the remaining steel frame letting her know that they had been semis.

She also said that she saw a passenger car in the wreckage but that it was also mangled to the point that she could not recognize it. She went by around five in the afternoon, and she said that smoke was still rising off of the charred wreckage.

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