Highway to reopen after chain reaction crash

The westbound lanes of I-40 were reopened late last night following a chain reaction crash involving two trucks and two vehicles. The crash was so extensive that the highway had to close to clear the two semi-trucks involved. Several people were hospitalized, fortunately with only minor injuries.

Any time there is a truck accident, involving this many vehicles, the crash makes the news. Typically, this is because the crashes are extensive and many drivers are injured or killed if they are involved in an accident with such a large vehicle. In this case, however, it appears that the two cars were the cause of the accident. One car rear-ended the other – and the driver fled the scene, leaving their vehicle abandoned. The first semi crashed into the abandoned car and the second jackknifed and rolled over, leaving both semis in the shoulder of the highway.

This case shows how difficult pursuing a car accident injury case can be. The driver and passenger of the first car, the one that rear-ended the other vehicle, abandoned their car and fled the scene. Hit-and-run accidents are serious, and it is a crime to leave the scene. Hopefully, police will be able to track them down and hold them accountable for the accident. That should be rather easy to do since the vehicle was left at the scene.

The article reported that there were only minor injuries, and fortunately, no fatalities. However, even minor injuries from a car accident can have long-lasting consequences. Neck injuries, which are common to car accidents, can cause pain and other symptoms for years following the event, bringing in costly medical bills. In some cases, victims find themselves unable to continue working due to their injuries. For parties who are experiencing these difficulties, seeking a personal injury lawsuit can help to bring much-needed compensation.

Source: WBIR.com, “I-40 back open after wreck: will close again tonight” WBIR Staff, Oct. 31, 2013