How should I buy a helmet to prevent motorcycle accident injuries

If you don’t already know, Tennessee requires motorcycles riders and their passengers to wear helmets while operating their bikes. Although many riders detest this regulation, the fact of the matter remains that motorcycle helmet use drastically increases your likelihood of surviving a crash.

There are a few things you should know first if you are in the market for a motorcycle helmet. Whether you are a brand-new rider or a veteran of multiple long-range cruises, the first rule of motorcycle helmet safety is to always wear one.

You should also seriously consider purchasing a full-face helmet. This style helmet encloses your entire head and typically comes equipped with a flip up visor. Obviously, this type of helmet will provide you much greater protection than a half-helmet, which is commonly referred to as a “shorty”. Although those half-helmets may look cool and stylish, they are more likely to come off during an accident and certainly will not protect your chin and face.

It’s also important to look for a helmet that meets approved Department of Transportation standards. Every motorcycle helmet sold today must meet minimum DOT safety standards. Typically, any commercially available helmets will come equipped with a DOT sticker attached to the rear of the helmet. Motorcycle riders should also look for a Snell sticker on their helmets. Although helmet manufacturers are not required to attain Snell safety standards, the company has been in business for decades improving helmet safety. Their standards are revised and updated more frequently than the DOT standards.

Of course, these are just some of the more important things to look for when purchasing a motorcycle helmet. It is also important to remember that even equipped with the highest safety rated helmet that is still no guarantee that a distracted or impaired driver might cause your next motorcycle accident.

Tennessee motorcycle riders who are injured due to preventable accidents have a right to seek compensation for their injuries. Your personal injury attorney can assist you with filing a legal claim to recover compensation for your medical costs and other associated expenses.

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