Recreational Vehicle Accidents

Large vehicle crashes result in large-scale damages

Any motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause devastating injuries and property damage. However, when huge, heavy vehicles are also involved in a crash, the degree of damages can increase significantly.

Let’s imagine, for example, a person is carrying a tray with a water glass on it. If the person trips or loses control of the tray, that water glass can fall over and spill, but the mess may not be all that bad. However, if you load up the tray with huge pitchers full of water and tall, skinny glasses, the weight and balance of the tray can be much trickier to maintain. If one pitcher topples over, the person can lose control of the tray and the resulting mess will be much worse.

This is how we can look at accidents involving heavy or oversized vehicles. Logging trucks, commercial vehicles, buses and even RVs are more difficult to maneuver because of their size and weight and they can cause serious damage in the event of a crash.

Recently, for example, a man was injured in a three-vehicle crash involving a semi truck, a logging truck and the man’s personal truck. According to reports, the driver of the logging truck lost control of his vehicle and rolled it. As this happened, the logs spilled from the truck and onto the roadway. The semi truck driver tried to avoid crashing into the logging truck but in doing so jackknifed his truck.

The third man in his personal truck also tried to avoid the scene and drove into a ditch. Unfortunately, logs that had spilled from the logging truck rolled onto the man’s vehicle. He was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

This accident shows how catastrophic the damage can be when the vehicles involved in an accident are large and carrying heavy cargo. In addition to the damage that is commonly seen in smaller-vehicle crashes, huge trucks present additional hazards on the road when they block roadways or spill their cargo.

Considering how extensive the damage can be after a crash like this one and how difficult it can be to recover, it is important for people to remember that getting help to put the pieces back together can be crucial and make the process that much easier.

Source: NR Today, “Log truck accident sends one to hospital Monday morning,” Ian Campbell, June 9, 2015