Lawsuits for boating injuries are often complex

Spending time on the Tennessee waterways is a great way to relax after a hard week at work. When you are boating, you are probably focused on having fun. There are some instances in which that fun might be shattered in an instant, such as when an irresponsible boater slams his or her boat into your boat. That accident could dramatically change your life.

The fact of the matter is that a boating accident can lead to very serious injuries. In some cases, the effects of the injuries are magnified because of the difficulty in getting medical care to the boat. Because of that, boating accidents can often lead to claims for compensation.

There are several components to a boating accident injury claim that we think about when we work on your case. One thing that we have to figure out is who is responsible for the accident. We have to determine exactly what happened. This often means looking at the circumstances of the accident.

Several things can lead to a boating accident. A drunk boat operator might have caused the crash. An issue with the boat, such as a defective motor, could have caused the accident. A boater speeding or maneuvering the boat in an unacceptable manner might lead to an accident.

Once we know what happened, we can name the defendants. The other boater might be one suitable defendant. In the case of a defective motor, the motor manufacturer might be the party to name as a defendant. We will help determine if you have named all applicable parties on the claim for compensation you file.