Lucky biker not seriously injured in Tennessee motorcycle wreck

Following the flow of traffic is vital for drivers who want to remain safe. Common sense tells you that if the vehicle in front of you stops, you have to stop to avoid crashing into that vehicle. If the vehicle slows down, you must do the same. When the vehicle in front of you is a motorcycle, paying attention is even more important because of the potentially disastrous consequences of slamming into a motorcycle from behind. For one Tennessee biker, luck must have been on his side when he was in an accident recently.

The biker was near the Old Hickory Boulevard-Rio Vista intersection in Madison when he was rear-ended by a minivan. The bike was thrown into a nearby ditch. The biker was found on the roadway after being thrown from his motorcycle.

His wife arrived on the scene when she learned about the motorcycle accident. She says she was glad to find out that it wasn’t all that serious. The man was checked into Skyline Hospital. Thankfully, his injuries aren’t serious. He has road rash on his hands, but he didn’t suffer from any broken bones.

While this man didn’t suffer from any serious injury, he might still have medical bills resulting from the accident. Plus, the road rash on his hands might affect his work, depending on his occupation. When you combine bills with lack of income, it is a perfect storm of stress.

This biker might opt to seek compensation for damages related to the accident. Claims for medical bills and missed wages might be considered. Knowing what various types of damages are defined as might help him to determine if he has suffered those damages.

Source:, “Motorcyclist walks away from crash with minor injuries” No author given, Jun. 05, 2014