Memorial fund established for victim of motorcycle accident

Members of the community are putting together a memorial fund through Sun Trust Banks for a local motorcycle rider who police say died as a result of an accident with another motorcycle. The victim was a 29-year-old volunteer firefighter in Sequatchie County and leaves behind several children.

The victim was gathered with a group of other motorcyclists near the Northgate Mall when a fellow motorcyclist lost control of his bike and collided with him, dragging them both off of Hixson Pike. The victim was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision, but he suffered fatal injuries.

A friend of the victim told a reporter that the man was very new to the hobby of motorcycle riding. Sadly, the victim fell within the 25- to 29 year-old age group which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identify as the second most likely group to suffer death and injury while riding motorcycles; the rates of the 20- to 24-year-old demographic are the highest.

A Lone Pine community leader who is in charge of the community center and civic league described the victim as being active within the community and well-respected. He went on to say that the victim worked hard in his capacity as a firefighter and may have had the most training within the group of firefighting volunteers. The victim was serving as the unit’s training officer around the time of his death. The community leader described the victim as a dedicated family man.

As tragic as the death of this man is, many people injured or killed in motorcycle accidents don’t receive memorial funds to assist their survivors with their future expenses. People involved in similar accidents need to be aware that although they may not have a memorial fund, there may still be legal remedies available to them to recover damages for their pain and suffering.

Source: WRCB Channel 3 Chattanooga, “Benefit account set up for firefighter killed in motorcycle crash” Dan Kennedy, Mar. 31, 2014