Bus Accidents

More on safety hazards within the commercial bus industry

Last month, we wrote about the unsettling safety problems plaguing the commercial bus industry. Intercity and interstate bus travel has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially as discount bus companies have offered lower and lower fares.

Unfortunately, many of these discount bus services do not make safety a priority. As a result, these companies have more driver violations and higher fatal accident rates than more established bus companies. Certainly, negligent companies bear most of the blame for these problems, but poor industry regulation is also a factor.

This week, the New York Times ran an editorial about the problem of intercity bus safety in the United States. The editorial board pointed out numerous ways in which the Department of Transportation has been slow to adopt (or has failed to adopt) important safety regulations. And it is not for lack of ideas. The National Transportation Safety Board investigates most commercial vehicle accidents, and has made numerous recommendations over the years based on the results of those investigations.

To be fair, regulation of nearly any industry at the national level requires cooperation from Congress and often involves legal pushback from industry groups. Still, the statistics on bus accidents make it clear that urgent action is needed.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a bus accident here in Tennessee, negligence may have been a factor, and you may be entitled to receive compensation. You can learn more about your rights and legal options by contacting an experienced personal injury attorney.