Mother and child killed while helping car crash victims

Loss of life in any automotive accident is always tragic. It can strike a particular chord when one who dies is a child who had his or her whole lives ahead. That happened in a recent car accident, which resulted in the death of a woman and her son.

The mother had been driving through Williamson County, Tennessee, on Interstate 65 on a recent Monday night. She and her young son witnessed an accident on the side of the road. They stopped in order to help those who may have been hurt and got out of their car. The first accident had happened when an SUV lost control due to a patch of black ice. According to police, this happened about a mile from Murfreesboro Road.

When the mother and son were out of their car on the side of the road, they got hit by a semi. The boy died at the scene of the accident. The woman was taken to a local hospital, but the injuries she suffered were too serious to survive, and she died there. Two of the passengers in the crashed SUV they had stopped to help were also critically injured.

Southbound traffic was diverted temporarily because of the accidents. Police underscored that there were dangerous weather conditions at the time, urging all drivers to be very careful.

Car accidents like this one are tragic and can happen to Tennessee residents at any time of year. Because of this, they stand as a reason for drivers to be particularly aware of weather and road conditions in the hopes of maintaining the safety of drivers and passengers in the future.

Source:, “Middle Tennessee mother, young son hit by tractor trailer while helping crash victims” WKRN Staff, Feb. 17, 2015