Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclist dies, passenger survives in Knoxville crash

A motorcyclist was killed in a crash in Knoxville, Tennessee, but the female passenger on the back of his bike looks like she will survive the crash. She was injured, however, and emergency crews had to take her to the hospital to get treatment. They also transported the male driver of the bike to the University of Tennessee Medical Center by ambulance, but he passed away from his injuries after arriving.

The Knoxville Police Department has stated that the crash happened near 5 in the evening. It took place on Chapman Highway. It was close to East Dick Ford Lane, just a bit to the north.

Reports from the scene suggest that an SUV was involved in the accident, though the police have not concluded their investigation, and so they have not put any charges on file. They did say that it appears that the SUV made a u-turn. The motorcycle was coming up behind it, driving in the left lane. When the SUV turned, the motorcycle caught up and slammed into it.

The SUV driver did have to have his blood taken, as per local laws, and this was done at the hospital. That driver suffered no injuries.

The driver of the bike was 23 years old.

When a fatal accident is caused by another driver for any reason — such as failing to see cyclists in their lanes — those left behind may want to look into legal steps that can be taken, as all bikers have the right to use the highways without being afraid that injuries will be inflicted on them by other drivers. If those rights are violated, leading to injury and death, legal options could be the next step for the family.

Source:, “KPD identifies motorcyclist killed in south Knoxville crash” Jul. 26, 2014