Multiple motorcycle crashes highlight the need for safe driving

There are many motorcycle riders and enthusiasts in Knoxville who have been eagerly awaiting warm weather, dry roads and clear skies. Now that it’s Spring, motorcyclists across the state are taking this opportunity to get back out on the road.

However, passenger vehicle motorists may not be nearly as prepared for the increasing number of motorcyclists around them as they should be. There are many motorists on the road who have yet to adjust to sharing the road responsibly and safely with motorcyclists, and this can lead to serious accidents. In fact, several motorcycle crashes have already happened this month and it is likely that more will happen before the end of the season.

In at least one of the crashes that has been reported, a motorist crashed into a biker who was stopped to make a turn. In another crash, a driver collided with two people on a motorcycle and was arrested. In both cases, the riders were seriously injured and one of the motorcyclists was killed.

This is tragically not uncommon. Motorcycle accidents happen far too frequently, and they often result in catastrophic damages for the person or people on the bike. Drivers and passengers inside a car or truck have much more protection in the event of a collision than motorcyclists, who are typically severely or fatally injured in crashes.

Many motorcycle crashes in Tennessee happen as a result of motorist negligence or recklessness. Drivers don’t take the time to look for motorcycles, which are already harder to see due to their smaller size. There are also motorists who follow a rider or pass a rider too closely and those who will pull out in right in front of a motorcycle, causing a serious accident.

Hopefully, drivers will be more cautious and aware of bikers as the weeks go on. Unless and until then, sadly, motorcycle crashes will still happen. Any person who has been injured in one of these accidents or has lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash should understand that they do have the option to explore legal options for collecting compensation for damages suffered in a crash. Money won’t undo a devastating incident, but it can help those affected by one cope and recover.

Source: The Leaf-Chronicle, “Motorcyclist dies from injuries in Parkway collision,” Stephanie Ingersoll, March 16, 2015