Over 11,000 trucks, drivers ordered off the road during blitz

Earlier this year, federal truck inspectors launched a three-day campaign to crack down on trucking inspections. These efforts have been made in previous years and reports indicate that 2015 saw the fewest number of violations during the inspection blitz since 1991.

However, there was still a troubling amount of truckers and trucks found to be in violation of safety regulations and ordered out-of-service. Out of the nearly 45,000 trucks inspected during the three-day period, more than 11,000 of them were taken off the road.

The most common violation uncovered by inspectors was linked to brake violations. In fact, more than 27 percent of trucks inspected had problems with the brakes and 15.5 percent had brake adjustment problems that made them unsafe and they were taken off the road.

There were also issues with truckers who failed to comply with driving regulations. More than 1,620 drivers did not pass inspection due to issues like violations of hours-of-service regulations, which are in place to prevent drowsy driving.

Inspectors also found numerous violations linked to shipping papers and placards, which must be properly kept, updated and displayed when drivers are transporting hazardous materials. There were also violations stemming from improper securing of cargo.

Overall, the fact that more than three-quarters of the trucks inspected during the blitz passed can be a great source of relief. However, that left more than 11,000 vehicles and drivers who were not in compliance. Further, this blitz happened over the course of just a few days. Had it lasted longer, it is likely that more compliance issues would have been uncovered.

Considering how many trucks travel in and through Tennessee on a daily basis, there is a very real risk that several of them are unsafe or improperly operated. In the event of a trucking accident, it can be crucial for crash victims to discuss the situation with an attorney who can help to identify any safety or compliance issues that may have contributed to a crash. In these situations, victims can be eligible to receive compensation for damages suffered as a result.