Pellissippi car crash kills one

The Pellissippi Parkway in Tennessee can see a lot of vehicles on any given day. This means that everyone driving on it needs to be very careful. Attention should be given to surface conditions, weather, and all other factors that can affect maneuvering a vehicle. Of course, those factors certainly include paying attention to other vehicles in the same area and giving them the right of way when appropriate to do so. Even when taking all possible precautions, though, occasionally a car accident will still happen. This was the case recently when three cars crashed there.

The two-car accident occurred when a driver in a Honda Accord temporarily lost control of his vehicle. According to reports, this was due to having been distracted by a flash of bright sunlight. When it happened, he rear-ended a Ford Ranger.

The driver of the Ranger, 73, stepped outside of his vehicle, since it was disabled. At that point, another vehicle hit the Ranger, and that impact killed the elderly man. The driver of the first vehicle walked away from it all uninjured, and the driver that caused the fatality had some injuries. That driver also said that the sun had caused him to veer off of course.

Firefighters joined police officers at the scene to secure the situation. An investigation is in progress, with further details to be released when available. It is unknown if either driver who survived the crash will face charges, but both should secure the services of an experienced attorney. That way, they can begin to build a legal defense.

Source:, “1 person killed in crash on Pellissippi Parkway” No author given, Jan. 12, 2014