Bus Accidents

Police investigating bus accident in Tennessee

Nine children were injured when the bus in which they were riding crashed recently. Reports indicate that the bus rolled over on its side after the wheels of the bus went off the side of the road. Injuries reported ranged from cuts and bruising to potentially more serious conditions like separated shoulders.

It is also possible that other injuries were suffered but may not be immediately noticeable, especially in terms of the emotional damage that may have been done. Children in that situation can get incredibly scared and have a difficult time understanding what happened and how to cope with the fear and anxiety of the situation. Getting medical attention right away can be crucial, but finding answers as to what happened can also be important.

In school bus accidents like this, there are many factors that should be investigated in order to confirm what may have gone wrong.

One of the first things people think of when these single-vehicle accidents occur is whether the driver did anything to cause the crash. Was he or she drunk or distracted? Did the driver make a reckless decision that should have been avoided? Was the person qualified to be driving in the first place?

While it is true that these crashes can involve dangerous or negligent drivers, there are many other factors that can cause or contribute to a crash that are beyond the operator’s control. For instance, the bus may not have been properly repaired or it may have been made with defective products that failed during operation.

Investigators will likely look into these and many other factors as they try to figure out what happened. Depending on what they find, there may be grounds for the families of the victims to take legal action against the party responsible.

It can be devastating when children are hurt in an accident, especially when it happens away from their parents. Seeking legal guidance to understand your rights and options in this situation can be crucial.

Source: WKRN, “9 students injured in east Tennessee school bus crash,” Oct. 21, 2015