Motorcycle Accidents

Police investigating fatal motorcycle accident

New details are emerging regarding a motorcycle accident that killed a man in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Shortly after watching his daughter’s graduation, the man was struck by a vehicle and killed on Lee Highway. The accident occurred at approximately 8 p.m., with the motorcycle hit by a vehicle operated by a man who just left a night club.

According to Chattanooga Police, the man who caused the accident was at a night club when he got into an argument with his girlfriend. At that time, the couple decided to leave the establishment.

Police said the man pulled his vehicle onto the road, struck a curb and continued to drive on the highway. It was at that time that he struck the motorcycle.

The owner of the club said that the man who caused the accident was a regular. He also noted that his staff is trained in making sure that everybody who leaves is safe to drive. Unfortunately, he believes that the man may have snuck out of the club.

Following the accident, the driver of the vehicle refused to complete a field sobriety test. However, blood work results will be finalized in the near future. Charges are still pending.

Motorcyclists can enjoy every minute they spend on the road, as long as they remain safe. Unfortunately, there are times when other drivers don’t always share the road as they should. This put the motorcyclist at risk of being involved in an accident that ends in serious injury or death.

When a motorcycle and passenger vehicle collide, it’s typically the person on the bike who is most seriously injured.

Source: WRCB-TV, “UPDATE: CPD investigating fatal motorcycle crash on Lee Hwy,” Victoria Brown and Chris Brantley, May 23, 2016