Potentially fatal accident ends with 1 injured

Some car accidents involve elements that are harrowing. One woman’s survival after an accident is being called a miracle by those who responded to the call.

The woman was driving a Toyota Camry when it was struck by a trailer carrying a loader at an intersection. The trailer and the skid steer loader were on top of the woman in a way that made rescuing her particularly difficult.

It took rescuers nearly an hour to get the woman out of the mangled vehicle. They had to figure out how to support the weight of the trailer and loader so that they wouldn’t crush her while they were trying to free her.

Once the loader and trailer were supported, a tow truck lifted them up. Rescuers then had to unwrap the floorboard and brake pedal from the woman’s feet. They used a hydraulic cutter to remove the brake pedal after they cut the rest of the car from around her.

The woman was take by ambulance from the scene of the accident to a local community college. She was then airlifted to a hospital in Knoxville, but her condition isn’t known. She was reported to be alert and speaking to rescuers. She was given intravenous fluids and oxygen by rescuers.

The vehicle that hit her was a dump truck; its driver wasn’t injured in the crash. Officials are investigating the accident to determine the cause.

This is a situation that could have ended in tragedy, and shows the serious nature of commercial vehicle accidents. If you are injured in an accident that involved a commercial truck or other vehicle, you might decide to file a claim for compensation. Knowing what to expect as you seek compensation can help you through the process.

Source: Oak Ridge Today, “Miraculous: Woman survives when trailer, small loader crash into car,” John Huotari, Sep. 02, 2016