Preserving your Tennessee truck accident lawsuit claims

Although most motorists maintain insurance on their vehicles, the majority of us envision that precaution as a necessary measure in case we get hit by another car. Almost none of us have actually entertained the thought as to what first steps we might take after an accident involving a commercial tractor-trailer.

The fact remains that a certain percentage of accidents between trucks and cars is inevitable — even despite having a reduced chance of occurrence than a car versus car accident. Nevertheless, just as in routine car accidents, insurance companies also play a prominent role in resolving claims against truck drivers and the companies who hire them.

Perhaps one of the most important things for a Tennessee motorist involved in a truck accident is to understand the motives that govern the insurance companies representing the trucking companies and their drivers. Insurance companies make money by not paying out claims — period. It is important to know this because their interests begin to diverge from your interests the minute your car is impacted by the truck. With that in mind, you should know that any statement you make to an insurance adjuster or claims representative may be used to deny you a portion or all of your claims.

Even seemingly harmless statements like apologizing for holding up others in traffic can be construed as an admission of fault. Making statements as to the extent of your injuries could also prove problematic to future claims. For example, the full extent of your injuries may take days to develop. You may not have realized that while speaking with insurance company representatives shortly after the crash.

Our law firm wants you to know that you are free to consult with an attorney before speaking with representatives of the trucking companies and their drivers. The attorneys at our law firm have decades of combined legal experience in examining the facts of your accident and helping you gain a clear understanding of your case. We charge no fee for initial consultation, and we represent clients in truck accident cases throughout Tennessee. Please visit our truck accident information page to learn more.

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