Truck Accidents

Reincarnated carriers a danger on the road

Truck accidents are more likely to happen when commercial truck companies fail to follow the rules and guidelines set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The safety rules are in place to prevent unsafe trucking companies from operating in the United States and places restrictions on truck drivers to prevent accidents caused by fatigued drivers. 

Despite the federal safety guidelines, some truck companies do not follow the rules and put everyone’s life in danger in the process. One of the more dangerous and common violations some commercial truck companies are committing is reincarnating a commercial carrier in a different name after the original company has been shut down by the FMCSA. 

A recent case in Tennessee is an example of the dangers of reincarnated carriers. The trucking company Three Angels Farms in Tennessee was issued an imminent hazard order by the FMCSA after their truck was involved in an accident that killed three horses. The investigation reported that the truck driver fell asleep while driving after failing to follow the FMCSA’s rest hour rules. 

After being shut down, the truck company’s owner transferred their trailers to Terri’s Farm and continued to drive commercial trucks for Terri’s Farm. Six months after the first truck accident that killed three horses, the reincarnated carrier was involved in another accident that left one horse dead. The accident happened after the trailer collapsed and broke in half. This investigation found that the truck driver did not have a valid CDL and the other driver in the vehicle had a suspended CDL. 

After the second accident and violation of the FMCSA’s orders to shut down, the two owners of the trucking companies, Three Angels Farms and Terri’s Farms, faced federal charges for ignoring to comply with the FMCSA orders to stop operations. The owners are also facing individual charges for conspiracy, obstruction, lying to the grand jury and trying to destroy evidence. 

This case is an example of the dangers of reincarnated carriers and to what lengths some commercial truck companies will go to continue operations despite the risks they pose on the road. 

Source: Land Line Mag, “Grand jury indicts Tennessee trucking company owners on multiple charges,” Clarissa Hawes, Sept. 20, 2013