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Relative of Tennessee Survivor stars in car crash

Survivor is one of the most popular reality shows in television history, drawing legions of fans. It features a cast of contestants who compete in challenges, play a social game to make alliances and work hard to avoid getting voted out. Contestants in the current season include Survivor veteran and former winner Tina Wesson and her daughter, Katie Collins. Both are natives of Knoxville, Tennessee. Tragically, the man who was Wesson’s son and Collin’s brother was recently in a car accident that proved fatal.

Taylor Lee Collins, 25, had been a passenger in a vehicle that was driving on Germantown Road in Chattanooga. For reasons that have yet to be determined, the vehicle went off the road. When it did, it struck a garage wall. The impact caused Collins to be immediately ejected from the car, resulting in serious injuries.

Medical help was summoned to the scene, and Collins was transported to a local hospital. However, due to the severity of those injuries, he died at the medical facility.

His mother and sister, who at that point had returned from filming Survivor, were informed about what had happened. They expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of support from fans of the show, as well as friends and family members.

The driver of the vehicle Collins was in sustained only minor injuries. He was treated at a hospital, and his name has not been publicly released yet. Authorities haven’t commented on what his culpability may or may not be or if any charges will be filed.

Car accident cases affect drivers, passengers and loved ones. Victims and their families have a right to pursue compensation in civil court. The negligent or reckless party may be held liable for claims of pain and suffering, medical expenses, wrongful death and other damages.

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