Safe driving tips for truck drivers

All it takes is one moment of unsafe driving to cause an accident. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has tried very hard to increase safety on the roads by offering drivers tips and advice. Some of these are as follows:

— Ignore things outside of the truck that could be distractions. You need to read enough traffic signs as it is; you don’t need to be reading billboards or gawking at other accidents. A study done in 2006 found that inattention by drivers was involved in an incredible 80 percent of accidents, and it usually only took three seconds for the inattention to turn into a crash.

— Don’t use paper maps. These used to be the norm, but they’re very hard to use while behind the wheel. A GPS system is far better. If you must use a paper map, pull over safely, read the map and then begin driving again.

— Never text while driving. Texting is massively distracting and often leads to accidents. This goes beyond mere texting, as well. In the age of the smartphone, drivers are told not to surf the Internet, go on social media, engage in video calls or anything else.

— Don’t dial on your phone. Texting is perhaps worse than making a call, but dialing can also be distracting, keeping your eyes off of the road. Don’t make calls and drive at the same time.

— Don’t eat in the truck. Accidents are sometimes caused by drivers who are unwrapping food, reaching for food that fell on the floor or reacting to a spilled drink.

Have you been involved in an accident in Tennessee that was caused by a truck driver who didn’t use these tips? If so, you may be able to seek compensation.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “CMV Driving Tips – Driver Distraction,” accessed July 08, 2016