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Safety tips for 15-passenger vans

There are times when a 15-passenger van is necessary. For example, these are often used when transporting groups, such as athletic teams, from one location to another in Tennessee.

Just the same as any other vehicle, there are safety risks associated with a 15-passenger van. If the driver does not have the experience needed to handle this type of vehicle, it could lead to trouble on the road.

Here are several safety tips for anyone who will be driving a 15-passenger van:

— Never overload the van.

— All passengers should be buckled in before the van is set in motion.

— The owner of the vehicle should get on a schedule of regular maintenance.

— The vehicle should be inspected regularly for potential issues, such as those with the steering or suspension.

— Drivers should be properly licensed to operate a 15-passenger van.

Along with the above, it’s important that the driver pays close attention to weather conditions. It can be difficult enough to drive one of these vehicles when conditions are perfect. In the event of high wind and/or rain, it can be even more challenging.

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