School bus crashes can lead to serious injuries

Sending your child to school or to a school function on a school bus is noted as the safest way for the child to travel. From the high padded seats to the bright paint, these large vehicles are built with the safety of the occupants in mind. Even with all of these safety features, it is still possible for students who are involved in a school bus crash to be injured.

When a bus driver takes on the responsibility of transporting children, that bus driver has a duty to drive in the safest manner possible. The fact of the matter is that even though buses are a safe mode of transport, they can become very unsafe in the wrong hands. When a bus accident occurs, we know that most parents will seek out medical care so they can ensure their child isn’t badly injured.

Most school buses don’t have seat belts, which means that children can be flung around like rag dolls when there is an accident. Theoretically, the padding on the bus seats will protect the children. That padding won’t be able to protect them if their head hits the side of the bus or another surface. It can’t protect them from broken bones and other injuries if they strike a hard surface.

The injuries that a child suffers in a school bus accident might lead to costly medical care and an altered life. The parents of these children might decide to hold certain parties liable for the injuries. This can be done by seeking compensation to help with expenses. We can help you to get your case ready so you can start the process of seeking compensation on behalf of your child.