School bus driver’s history of crashes leaves parents worried

Parents in Knoxville do everything in their power to protect their children. As every parent knows all too well, however, it is impossible for parents to watch over their children every minute of every day. When a parent cannot be present, however, he or she expects that the adults in charge will make sure their children are safe. This is why a recent school bus accident has left some parents in central Tennessee worried.

Last week, a bus driver was transporting students to their school in Madison County when the bus became involved in a crash at an intersection in Jackson. According to police, the bus crashed into the car. Although none of the five students on the school bus were hurt, parents are expressing concern after revelations about the driver’s history with accidents.

According to a news report, the driver has been involved in three other car accidents while operating a bus. Although parents want to know whether this driver will be allowed to continue to work for the school district, a district spokesperson could only say that the driver would be suspended until the district completes its investigation.

Although the school district has not released the name of the driver, reporters for a local news station found records of a district driver who was involved in three previous bus accidents, one of which injured five students.

Of course, any parent in Tennessee would be concerned about a situation like this. Parents expect that school districts have done their part to ensure the drivers they hire have exemplary safety records. To find out that a driver who has been in several accidents is still allowed to transport children would be infuriating — especially if your child was injured because of it. Hopefully Knoxville schools have been more diligent in the hiring of their drivers.

Source: WBBJ, “School Bus Crash Raises Concern With Parents,” Heather Mathis, April 17, 2014