Car Accidents

Stay safe on the roads during the Independence Day weekend

For many of us, the Fourth of July weekend means taking a break from work, relaxing with friends and family, seeing some fireworks and, if you are like 844,000 other Tennesseans, traveling.

With so many people on the roads this weekend, there is a very real potential for an increase in motor vehicle accidents. In fact, last year there were at least a dozen people killed in crashes over the Fourth of July weekend. In order to prevent and avoid a serious crash, drivers should remember some key safety tips.

  • Stay sober or find a find a sober driver
  • Avoid drowsy driving by planning ahead for late nights
  • Slow down and obey warning signs in the numerous construction areas across the state
  • Wear your seat belt at all times when in a motor vehicle
  • Focus on the road and minimize or eliminate sources of distraction
  • Relax and don’t take anxiety or frustration out on the drivers around you

In addition to these simple, effective ways that people can avoid causing a car accident, police officers across Tennessee will be increasing efforts to penalize drivers who fail to drive safely. Checkpoints will be set up across the state to check for seat belt use, intoxication and driver’s license violations.

Unfortunately, no matter how safely a person drives and no matter how many checkpoints police set up, there are still going to be drivers on the road who break the rules and put their own interests ahead of the safety of others. Those who engage in reckless, negligent behaviors can be held responsible for any damages they cause when victims take legal action.

This weekend, we urge all drivers to be safe when they get on the road. If an accident does happen, it can ruin much more than just the holiday weekend.

Source: The Jackson Sun, “Highway Patrol prepares for heavy holiday traffic,” July 1, 2015