Tennesse crash results in deaths of Kentucky family

Tennessee is a popular destination for people across the country. The music, the shows, the restaurants and many other cultural offerings draw visitors from every state. This includes visitors from nearby states, like Kentucky. Unfortunately, one family from Kentucky met their deaths in a car crash on a Tennessee road.

The crash happened on Interstate 40 in Lebanon, Tennessee. It shut down the interstate in that area. Two cars stopped on I-40 East and were hit by four oncoming cars. One of the oncoming cars had the Kentucky family in it.

All four of the family members died. They were a man, a woman and two teenage boys. All were from Benton, Kentucky. The family had been headed to Gatlinburg for a one-week vacation.

A driver of one of the other oncoming cars, 27, is from Lebanon. He was charged with driving under the influence. The drivers of the two stopped cars, 24 and 60, were also hurt.

The crash occurred last Friday at around 7:30 p.m. The injuries to the drivers of the stopped cars and the deaths of four members of the Kentucky family make it one of the worst accidents in the area. Of course, investigators will want to look at all the aspects of the crash to determine the causes.

When their investigation is complete, culpability can be determined. When it is, survivors and relatives of the family who were killed may want to explore legal options. Others in Tennessee car accidents can also explore their legal options with the help of an experienced attorney.

Source: Lex18.com, “Kentucky Family On Vacation Killed In Tennessee Interstate Crash” Oct. 04, 2014