Bus Accidents

Tennessee bus crash results in death of children and adult

Every vehicular accident is tragic, as it is a problem for those in it as well as others on the same road. Often, there is damage to the vehicles involved, and quite probably injuries to drivers, passengers and possibly pedestrians. The tragedy is compounded when the injuries are fatal, whether individuals die at the scene or are taken to a hospital and die there.

Most tragic of all, in the view of many, is when fatalities include children. For that reason the recent case of two school buses crashing in Tennessee has garnered nationwide attention. Those killed in the accident included two young girls, who were between kindergarten and third grade. Also killed was a female aide, who was on one of the buses to help with the children.

Additionally, 23 children were taken to a local hospital after being injured in the crash. They were taken to the hospital by emergency vehicles in some cases and by their parents in others. Reportedly, 20 of the children were released from the hospital after being treated.

The two buses in the crash had been on Asheville Highway, going opposite directions. One of them made a sudden left turn near Governor John Sevier Highway. That bus went across a concrete median, striking the other bus on the side. The bus that was hit flipped over onto its side, sliding down the road. The fatalities in the accident were all people who were on that bus.

This accident involved a lot of people, most of them children. Police say that the investigation is ongoing, and parents certainly want answers. They may want to explore their legal options as well. People in other Tennessee bus accidents may also want to explore their legal options, which they can do with an attorney’s help.

Source: CNN, “2 children, 1 adult killed in Tennessee school buses crash” Steve Almasy, Dec. 02, 2014