Tennessee car accident proves fatal

The area where Interstate 65 passes through Marshall County is generally considered safe. However, it was recently the site of a major car accident, which happened on Thursday. All told, the calamity involved five vehicles. There were multiple injuries and one man, age 56, and one teenager lost their lives.

The man, a native of Racine, had been driving on Interstate 65 in his Ford Taurus. When the accident occurred, he and his car were in the southbound lane. For reasons that remain unknown at this time, he stopped his car in the middle of a lane, got out, and stood beside it. Tennessee Highway Patrol officials confirmed this action in their preliminary accident report. They did not speculate on why it happened.

A series of rather unfortunate events followed. First, a large semi-truck came up from behind and saw the man in the middle of the lane with the car next to him. The semi quickly swerved to avoid hitting the man. However, it still clipped his Ford Taurus’ rear bumper.

After that, another semi rear-ended the man’s car. A Chrysler sedan smashed into one of the semis after swerving to avoid hitting the man. Finally, he was run over by a van.

Six people were involved in the collision. In addition to the man who stepped out of his car on the Interstate, a 19-year-old woman died. Additionally, a 20-year-old woman was injured. The other three people emerged reportedly unscathed.

Time will tell if any lawsuits will be filed in the case by those directly involved in the accident or by relatives on their behalf. This case underscores the need for Tennessee drivers to always be cautious on the roads. Personal injury attorneys can provide advice and options to victims and their families when seeking compensation for damages.

Source: The Journal Times, “No author given” Racine man killed in Tenn. Car accident, Nov. 10, 2013